Friday, June 19, 2009


If anybody even bothers checking this space out anymore--and really, why bother, since I announced a month or so ago that I was taking an extended break--this unnamed hypothetical reader may have discovered (GASP!) actual new content appeared yesterday.

And while this content may have seemed familiar in a way--another trip down Dead Marriage Road--it might serve as a portal to a new way of doing things around here. I've noticed that when I spend brief periods of time alone, primarily at work, my mind wanders until it lands on a random, but still vivid memory. These moments out of time are usually nothing dramatic, which makes the extreme detail stand out in sharper relief. Why do I remember the exact moment I ran to the bathroom when I saw Doc Savage: The Man Of Bronze at the local drive-in, or my mom dragging me out of the house to look at a rainbow, or the odd mix of anxiety, relief and contentment when first meeting my ex-girlfriend's family at her son's birthday party?

I suspect recreations of moments like these, and attempts to sort out what they mean, may come to dominate this site. Yes, this does sound awfully me-centric, and whether this could be of any interest to anyone else, I have no idea. But hopefully, the larger feelings these memories represent are universal. You, the theoretical reader, may not share my specific history, but maybe there's some larger shared human meaning in all of this we'll discover together.

Or not; honestly, that previous paragraph was a load of pseudo-pretentious hogwash, more suitable as ad copy for a new Mitch Albom book than anything you're likely to read around here. But it's the best description I could cobble together of where I'd like to take this space. Long-winded political screeds are a thing of the past, and though I'm sure I'll still write about movies and pop culture (I'm itching to write something about Up, and my sincere belief that Pete Docter could become a truly great filmmaker), my take on these things will probably become even more subjective, more personal. Also, hopefully, fewer clip jobs, although I'm sure Lynda Carter will still make ocasional appearances here because, hey, why not?

The point is, this site is again open for business, at least temporarily. Daily posts will almost certainly not resume, but I hope to at least get back on a weekly schedule, or something. Where all this will wind up I can't say, but as I said back when I first started this site, if you're reading this, you're already part of the journey.