Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Since no sentient being has cared one way or another about the private lives of Jim Carrey or Jenny McCarthy, their five-year relationship has been remarkably free of coverage in the tabloids.  Or so I assume, since I haven't seen their faces, separately or together, staring out at me from grocery store check-out lanes.

But since this was a union of celebrities, it was bound to come to an end, and it did so with all the class you would expect: They announced their breakup on Twitter.

I wouldn't bother mentioning this at all, but for the fact that, in making her announcement, McCarthy claimed she "will always keep Jim as a leading man in my heart."  Such phrasing makes me think a) I'm glad Carrey's got a gig as a leading man somewhere, because he sure as hell hasn't had a successful big screen role in awhile, and b) "leading man in my heart" may well be the stupidest thing ever said (or Tweeted) by anybody, anywhere.  I realize McCarthy is famous solely for being blond and having enormous fake tits, but you'd think she'd have some sense of shame.

Then I remember that she spent five years living with Jim Carrey, and realize she likely has no concept of shame.