Sunday, January 09, 2011


A great day yesterday, spent almost entirely in the company of Paul--we went to a movie, we ate out, mostly we made each other laugh.  (Yes, my sense of humor is like an eleven-year-old's.)  In all we did, the radio and computer were barely utilized, and the TV was used for entertainment purposes only.

It wasn't until this morning, glancing at the headlines at The New York Times, that I even became aware of the shootings in Arizona.  And the horrifying details filled me with...nothing, really.  A vague sadness, a faraway sense of despair.

But no grand emotions.  Just made me feel sort of numb, and the feeling continues.  I'm all alone here now, Paul is back with his mom and Janie's gone for the weekend, so I hunker down here with the beloved cat and dog, staring out the window at the gray day, waiting for the snow.