Tuesday, April 18, 2006


1. In 2002, my marriage ended, my cat died and my brother was killed. Worst year ever, I thought. So far this year, my mom has died and my nephew has been involved in a serious accident. (He has surgery this week.) If these things really do come in threes, what's next? And do I really want to know?

2. My ex has a blog in which postings are sometimes "written" by her cat. My sister just started a blog "written" by her dog. That's just silly. I would never do that. Never. Ah, forget it--take it away, Delmar...


Okay, that was from the Psychokitty his own bad self. Delmar is a large, wiry black and white cat. He's missing a little more than half of his tail, he's extremely high-strung and one time he tried to gouge my eye out while I slept. And yet I love him. Given his nature, he really should be an only child.

And yet he's recently been joined by Monika, my mom's cat, who's fuzzy, gray and convinced she is the most important thing on the planet. She's twelve, so one would think in the twilight of her kitty years. Mostly she tear-asses through my tiny apartment, looking for the shit.

3. That last sentence was a paraphrase of a line from Apocalypse Now. Whenever my ex and I would fight, I'd inevitably bust an Apocalypse Now quote which never failed to make the situation worse. If you think you can win an argument by proclaiming, "There is nothing I detest more than the stench of lies," chances are, you've already lost.

4. 5 AM is way too early to get up.