Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Okay. Well. For reasons I'm not going to get into, I got absolutely no sleep last night, and boy am I tired. (You're thinking, Was there a girl involved? and I'm telling you, I'm not going to get into it.) I got through the day alright--felt fine, actually--but when I sat down at the keyboard an hour or so ago to do a bit of research on the topic I wanted to write about, suddenly I realized the only thing I really could think about was how much I desperately wanted to sleep.

So nothing new and original today. But hey, I'll give you something, just not anything of mine. Here are lyrics by Ron and Russell Mael, the brother act that, with various instrumentalists, makes up the band Sparks. They're in their fourth decade of recording now, and though they've tried almost every imaginable sound, they always sound like themselves. I think deadpan absurdism is the best description for this little number from 1974, which can be found on the album Kimono My House.

I tried to tell you in the night
That with a girl like you I could do without guided tours
You tried to tell me in the day
That your leading exports were textiles and iron ore

Hasta Manana, Monsieur
Were the only words that I knew for sure
Hasta Manana, Monsieur
Were three little words I knew you'd adore

Leaving my syntax back in school
I was thrown for a loss over gender and simple rules
You mentioned Kant and I was so shocked
Where I come from, none of the girls have such foul tongues

Hasta Manana, Monsieur
Were the only words that I knew for sure
Hasta Manana, Monsieur
I'm gonna do it now...

C'est la vie, c'est la mort, say no more, no no more
It's all the same, here or there or anywhere
There's them who have, and others who have not
Kimono my house, mon amour
I am sure this motion needs no accompanying words
Guess I was wrong because you've fled
Leaving me my Michelin Guide and a half-empty bed

Hasta Manana, Monsieur...