Thursday, August 04, 2011


Oh, I've meant to post stuff.  It's not like there's nothing to talk about.  But whenever I felt like discussing, say, the whole debt-ceiling debacle, I'd find myself getting more and more depressed and...well, who needs that?  Not you, faithful reader.  And certainly not me.

Still, as a way of generating some sort of new content here, we turn--as we haven't for awhile--to out old friend YouTube.  This interstitial from the first season of Sesame Street handily displays everything that made that show such a watershed for developing young minds--it has a dreamy, free associative quality that allows a viewer's mind to wander where it will, and (thanks mostly to the music) a somewhat melancholy feel as well.  Nothing made for kids these days is like this anymore--certainly not the current incarnation of Sesame Street--and we're all poorer for that.

All well and good, but let's face it: I'm including this mostly because it has a beagle.