Wednesday, May 17, 2006


We'll smash down your doors, we don't bother to knock
We've done it before, so why all the shock?
We're the biggest and toughest kids on the block
Cuz we're the Cops Of The World, boys
We're the Cops Of The World
---Phil Ochs

Okay, there are times when even I get sick of bashing the Bush administration. And yet, they just keep doing wacky, wacky stuff. The National Guard is stretched way thin with way too many members serving endless duty in Iraq, but hey, now we're going to send them down to defend our borders from...what again? Oh right, illegal Mexican immigrants. Um, how are they a threat to national security again? If we're going to send people somewhere, shouldn't we maybe try to capture Bin Laden?

Add this to a long list that already includes bugging reporters' phones, leaking information in violation of the constitution--hell, pretty much doing everything in violation of the constitution--giving needless tax breaks to those who don't need them, running up the national debt, and, oh yeah, the ongoing mess in Iraq. This administation's sense of morality is so twisted tht there's probably no point in even trying to sort it out.

The thing is, though, it's not like they could do this alone. I'm not talking about Bush's enablers in congress, although I'm sure there's a reserved spot in hell waiting for the lot of them.

(A special shout-out here to the Democrats who voted for the war resolution regarding Iraq and who now claim they were duped by the Bushinistas: Fuck yourselves. Any reasonably sentient being could have seen through the crap they were dishing out. I certainly could, and I didn't have access to the information you guys had. Isn't asking questions supposed to be part of your job? Have you no shame?)

No, the problem is us. Every day a new report of power and greed running rampant, every day the constitution is weakened further, every day America loses a little more of its soul. And what do we do? We roll over and take it some more. Beat a dog enough and eventually it fights back. We as citizens apparently have less collective intelligence than a dog.

Why are we so indifferent? How do we let this happen? How will history judge us? Why doesn't anybody ask these questions? Why do TV news shows devote more time to manufactured controversies over The DaVinci Code than they do to the real, terrible truth of what's becoming of this once-great nation?

Okay, enough with the rhetorical questions. It's not like I'm taking to the barricades, demanding Bush's head served up on a platter. I'm as complacent as anybody. But at least I have enough of a conscience to be troubled by my complacency, to feel that I haven't actually sold my soul.