Wednesday, May 24, 2006

IT'S NOT EVEN FIVE IN THE MORNING... why am I on the computer? More random thoughts from a mind that really should be at rest right now. I sense this will be a semi-regular series.

1. Suddenly, my cats are scared of thunderstorms. Monika heads for a corner and trembles, Delmar wanders around yowling frantically. This is new behavior for them. Not a big deal, but man...I put up with tons of eccentric, bizarre and sometimes downright aggravating antics from these clowns, all for those rare, few moments of actual affection they give me, now this. More weirdness. Thanks, guys.

2. Dating sucks. The whole process: You talk, you meet, you talk some more. Do we have sex, do we not? If we do, does it take the relationship to a new level or does it diminish it? If we don't, what the hell's the point? Do I like this woman, or am I just lonely? If a relationship results, will it lead to happiness? Or just settling?

Or should I just move into a cave somewhere and never have to interact with members of the opposite sex ever again?

3. Smart people, dumb people, people you'd trust, people you'd avoid, frat boys, mechanics, office workers, laborers...Almost everyone I know loves Mike Judge's movie Office Space. It's a brilliant satire, sharply written and beautifully observed. Judge could be a major filmmaker, but his latest film, completed about a year ago, is still on a shelf somewhere awaiting release. But Mission Impossible 3 and Poseidon open in thousands of theaters at once. I realize the movie business is, well, a business, but come on folks. Can't you once in awhile make a movie just because it's good? And then let people see it?

4. Okay, it's not thundering now, and Monika and Delmar are both sitting at my feet, staring up at me. Delmar's stump of a tail is thumping on the floor. Their food and water dishes are full. What do they want? Should I be scared?

5. It doesn't matter if I go to bed at 7 PM or 1 AM. Along about 2, 2:30 AM, I start stirring. If I sleep after that, it's fitful. Usually I'm awake from 3:00 on, and the whole following day I'm tired. My sleep patterns have always been odd, but things have gotten even stranger in the wake of my mom's death. People have told me that's part of the grieving process, it's normal, don't worry about it.

But hey, now I have this forum, a place to blather on whenever I can't sleep. That way, my suffering becomes your suffering. Nice of me to share, don't you think?