Friday, June 02, 2006


Oh, that John Kerry.

He's out on the trail again, working with an organization that's compiling a dossier that will prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that those swift boat veterans that accused him of inflating his service record are a bunch of liars.

Where to begin?

First of all, of course the swift boat veterans were a bunch of liars. Most of them had, in fact, inflated their own service records, but more to the point, they were clearly just front men for a typical Republican dirty tricks operation. These guys are getting so good at baseless accusations they're starting to make Joe McCarthy look like Barney Fife.

Second of all, I'm sorry...compiling a dossier? Isn't that the sort of thing bitter loners do? Make lists of every slight made against them, so that when their time comes--and oh yes, their time will come--they can prove to the world that they were right? Nice to know Kerry has something in common with the Unabomber.

Finally...Dude, you FUCKING LOST THE ELECTION! Where was this determination to prove the truth when it might have done you some good? Any chimp could have guessed the Bush team was going to attack your service record, and when they did, you stood right by and let it happen. Kinda like when they accused you of being an elitist snob out of touch with the common slob, and you responded by taking a skiing in fucking Aspen, for God's sake. No whiff of privelege there.

Kerry undeniably had the moral high ground--he served, Bush didn't, end of story--yet he let Team Bush paint him as a loser AND DID NOTHING TO FIGHT IT. The way he conducted his campaign seriously called his common sense into question, and made even the most devout Democrat wonder how this clown got the nomination. (As always, of course, the Democratic party had no one to blame but itself.) If he'd won, would it have mattered? Given Kerry's unwillingness to fight for his own integrity, would he have put up much of a fight over, say, a Supreme Court nominee? Or would he have backed off as soon as the right wing attack dogs barked, letting things stay pretty much status quo?

The thing that really sticks in my craw about Kerry trying to repolish his image is the dread feeling that he's going to try to run again. But that could never happen, could it? The Democrats aren't really that stupid, are they?

Are they?