Saturday, June 17, 2006


If you claim to love the flag but have nothing but contempt for the republic for which it stands--rejoice! Your time has come! Thanks to Bush's hand-picked Supreme Court, 230 years of civil liberties will soon be nothing more than a memory. Or, as Alberto Gonzales would put it, a "quaint" memory.

The court's latest decision gives cops the right to bust into your house without knocking or even identifying themselves. (It's the same kind of democracy we brought to Iraq!) As of now, they do still need a warrant to enter, but since Bush's contempt for such legal niceties is well-documented, I'm sure we can count on his Renfield-like toadies on the bench to do The Master's evil bidding.

Any idiot could have seen the threat of a Bush court coming, and should have flagged it as THE key issue in the 2004 campaign. But we weren't dealing with any idiots. We were stuck with the Democratic Party, a very rarefied form of idiot. They stumbled throught the campaign thinking that Kerry's service record was somehow going to so impress everyone that they didn't even need a coherent message, and never anticipating that the Republicans would manage to make Vietnam an issue. They apparently thought that Bush was so self-evidently a douchebag that nobody'd vote for him--already a weak strategy--but never gave anyone a specific reason to vote for Kerry.

But what if they'd said to female voters, Look, do you want to control your reproductive rights or do you want a Bush-appointed court to take your choice away? Yeah, that might have alienated a lot of voters--but it would have mobilized millions more. And it would have been a bold reaction to a real threat, a threat that has turned into an assault. It could have been stopped, but by their massive incompetence, the Democrats allowed this to happen.

Forget 9/11. The Bush Supreme Court is already proving to be the most terrifying attack on America we've yet experienced. The utter failure of the Democrats (and the mainstream media) to alert the public to this danger borders on the treasonous. At the time of this country's founding, treason was considered a hanging offense. Of course, I'm absolutely opposed to the death penalty in all cases, so I would never suggest hanging those who let Bush win.

They're Democrats. Surely the embarrassment of that is punishment enough.