Friday, December 05, 2008


Here's the backstory: I found a copy of The Karate Kid for five bucks at Target. I bought it because I was pretty sure Paul would love it, and we watched it last Saturday. That would be nearly a week ago.

And that's how long Bananrama's Cruel Summer has been stuck in my head! It plays in the background as Ralph Macchio is, I dunno, riding his bicycle around or something. The point is, I didn't remember it being used in the movie, I hadn't heard it in years won't go away! I find myself singing it in the car, or as I'm typing, or whatever I'm doing. I guess by posting it here, I'm trying to pass the curse on to you.

But hey, it's a relatively benign curse. I mean, it's not an awful song. It's an agreeable bit of pop fluff, and though this video will give you scary eighties flashbacks, it's not unwatchable. But if you find this thing floating around in your brainpan for the next week or so, I'm truly sorry. And if not, how the hell are you immune?