Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Has it seemed like I'm on autopilot here lately? Has the quality of writing in this space dipped noticeably in the last two or three weeks? Have recent posts had a bit of a tossed-off quality, half-hearted, not quite there?

Yeah, I'm aware of it, too. Can't explain, but I'm wondering how to fix it. Fewer postings? Time away from the site? A brief break from writing?

Of course, the last time I took a "brief" break from writing, it lasted most of a decade, and robbed me of what likely would have been my most productive years. So there's that to consider.

Don't know what to do in the immediate future, but hopefully, the muse, she will return. Otherwise, this site will become nothing more than a clearinghouse for clips of seventies variety shows. I have a clip from a Lindsay Wagner special ready just in case...