Sunday, July 19, 2009


3 AM or some such, stumbling out of bed, shuffling to the desk, hitting the button to turn on the computer. For a second I stand, watching the Compaq logo appear, signifying the start of the lengthy booting-up process. As I think how much I hate the phrase "booting-up," I hobble back to the warm, inviting bed.

And sleep. And wake, abruptly, blinking. The computer is dark, not even its comforting green power light shining with the promise of hours of time-killing hope. I look at my clock, my answering machine, all the potential signifiers of a power outage. They're working fine. Again, stumbling out of bed, shuffling to the desk, hitting the button. The light comes on. The screen illuminates. And suddenly I realize I had not powered up the computer earlier. I only dreamed I had.

In their dreams, many explore unreachable erotic idylls, or imagine unlimited wealth and power. Some confront truths too terrible to parse in the real world, or explore the farthest reaches of their consciousness. Some know joy they'll never never know in the waking hours, and some happily encounter friends and family long gone.

Me, I dream about hitting the ON button of my computer. Crap. Man, I gotta get a life...