Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Am I too cynical?

Surely John Travolta's intentions are pure and noble, personally flying desperately-needed food and medical supplies to Haiti in his private plane. He was motivated entirely by a call to do good, to help those who need it most.

Right? I mean, there's no way he could be using this apocalyptic tragedy as an excuse to burnish his image, is there? Nobody would sink so low, would they? And the fact that he's also dropping off a bunch of Scientology missionaries, well, that's...odd. But surely they're there to good work by...um...doing whatever it is Scientologists do, which is...almost certainly not what the people of Haiti need right now, but, um...

Because, y'know, it sure looks for all the world like the high muckety-mucks at Scientology Headquarters gave marching orders to Travolta, who had reportedly been considering a break with the organization in the wake of his son's death a year ago, to show his solidarity with Hubbard's minions by performing a high-profile act of charity. But again, I'm just being cynical.

Aren't I?