Thursday, June 03, 2010


1) Yes, another Larry King quote, signifying as always another Random Thoughts post.  This particular quote, as you might have guessed, is lifted from his scintillating interview with Lady Gaga.  Asking an entertainer when she became interested in performing--that's the kind of probing, daring question that made Larry King what he is today.

2) Long-time readers of this site--both of you!--may remember how often I would go off on some screed or other, usually decrying the Bush administration, or the sorry state of the Democratic party, or just vent on some international incident of some sort.  Clearly, I don't do that sort of thing anymore.

And the massive oil spill in the Gulf explains why.  Everything about this--from the blatant lies perpetrated by BP officials from the very beginning, to the hapless dithering of Team Obama in response, to the widespread death of so many living things, both in the water and above it--is, well, unbelievably depressing.  Given the somewhat fragile nature of my psyche, it just seems wise to avoid thinking about this sort of thing too much.  Kind of a cop-out, and a type of attitude I once would have decried as unforgivably disengaged, but what can I say?  Just scanning the front page of The New York Times makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry. 

3) Speaking of things that are deeply depressing, the long-unawaited remake of Footloose is apparently scheduled to start shooting this summer, despite the fact that it seems to have no cast or script yet, but hey, whatever.  The most-jaw-dropping aspect of this whole enterprise is the studio's claim that this version will differ from the original by focusing less on elaborate dance numbers and more on the drama of the story.  Because, yeah, that's what everyone who has ever seen Footloose was thinking: This would be so much better if it was gritty and, you know, real.

I don't even know why they're bothering with this thing anyway.  It was originally announced in the wake of the whole High School Musical hoo-ha--in fact, it was originally intended as a star vehicle for Zac Effron--but it makes no sense now.  I can't imagine any audience for this thing, but they're going to waste precious money and time cranking it out anyway.

How many good movies aren't getting made because studios are wasting their resources on crap like this?

4) Today's gratuitous musical clip comes is of early eighties Frank Zappa, with special guest vocalist Jimmy Carl Black: Harder Than Your Husband.

5) Jeez, sorry, it seems I didn't really have that many Random Thoughts worth expressing. Still, at least I'm not going on about the dog again. At least, not yet.