Wednesday, June 30, 2010


See, I could have used Larry King's announcement of retirement as an excuse to post a quote from the great man, and as we all know, when that happens around here, it leads to a Random Thoughts post. 

And I thought about that, but my thoughts were derailed by the fact that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the cumbersomely-titled new entry in the story of a sparkly vampire and the sullen teen who loves him, opens today, and I should grapple with the fact that the sullen teen in question is named Bella.  Like my dog.

Believe me, I was not thinking of a wannabe Goth chick with low self-esteem when I named my dog.  I mean, the whole Twilight thing pretty much exists outside my sphere of interests, but whenever someone asks the dog's name, I say "Bella," and they'll say...something about that stupid movie.  And I'll just sort of mumble and pretend I'd thought of another name.

Except, you know, I like her name.  It's short for Isabella, which is the name I'd originally chosen for my much-missed German Shepherd Elinore, until my mom pointed out that I'd probably shorten it to Izzy, and I already had a cat named Izzy.  (Izzy Cohen, to be exact, named after the Howlin' Commando with the most ethnically stereotyped name.)  And even though I never thought I'd get another dog after Elinore--the pain of losing her was way too intense--I filed the name away, figuring maybe I'd use it someday.  (Possibly for an actual kid, had I ever had one.)

Anyway...I'm sorry...Where was I?  Something about wanting to write about a couple different things, but not really having anything much to say about either....I dunno.  *sighs*  Hey, here's a girl getting a splinter in her eye!