Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Okay, I'm hoping this won't become a regular thing, because it seems really lazy, but man o Manischewitz, it's just too hot around here to even think coherently, much less write.

So again I'm posting song lyrics. This is Did You See The Moon Tonight? by Erin Moran (not the Erin Moran who played Joanie on Happy Days), who records under the name A Girl Called Eddy.

Did you see the moon tonight?
Did it shine the way I asked it to
By the time it made its way to
instead of me
inside your room tonight?

It will dance across your floor
Make you remember more
Than you might want to
But I want you to
Remember me...

If you see the moon tonight
I hope it finds you all alone
Maybe sitting by the phone
Kinda sad and glad to be unhappy
'Cause you're missing me
Like I'm missing you

If you see the moon tonight
Don't close your eyes
You might get a big surprise
I might just materialize
Then I could tell you that it's true
I'm the one who turned it blue
Just for you
Just for you...

The cynical among you might suspect that I'm posting these particular lyrics because I'm bitter about...the stuff I'm usually bitter about. Actually, the song happens to be on my mind because, even though I like A Girl Called Eddy's version (and it's her song, after all), I'm really struck by the Latin jazz spin Janis Siegel gives it on her new album, A Thousand Beautiful Things.

Well, that and there's someone who's stopped answering my phone calls, but I don't want to talk about it...