Sunday, July 09, 2006


Well, here's the deal: I was most of the way through a lengthy post on the new Will Ferrell comedy Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby when I somehow deleted the whole thing. D'oh!

Well, I'm not rewriting the whole thing. (The point was, it's funny movie, you should see it.) So here's my fallback move, posting lyrics to favorite songs. In this case, here are the lyrics to Richard Thompson's "She Cut Off Her Long Silken Hair" from his magnificent 1996 album you?me?us?:

Midnight in her room
Music, incense and mirrors all 'round
By the light of the moon
Her silver dress slipped to the ground
Then she knelt like Saint Joan
And invisible armies attended her there
And her knife brightly shone
As she cut off her long silken hair

Trapped, I suppose
Lied, for my sake
Crushed like the rose
Picked by mistake...

O I knew it would come
I knew she would leave me
For some better start
O I knew it would come
She was too well-rehearsed in her part
And I measured my life
And my heart fairly broke with the sorrow and care
When she took down the knife
When she cut off her long silken hair

There are some who believe
O some who believe there are reasons to lie
And there's some who deceive
When the truth is right there in the eye
But I don't see why
In all of my life I've seen nothing so fair
And I don't see why
She cut off her long silken hair...