Thursday, July 06, 2006


I'm feeling kind of down this morning, and don't feel much like writing. So I'll just post these lyrics by Marshall Crenshaw to the song Where Home Used To Be, from his 2003 album What's In The Bag? This describes how I'm feeling right now better than anything I could write:

I had to see for myself
I had to show it to you
Among my sweetest of memories
I see this place in more than a few

Familiar shadows remain
They are all that's unchanged
Because this whole street seems haunted now
And the atmosphere is still and strange

We didn't worry 'bout much
We never had a spare dime
This is where home used to be
In a different time
I know it's hard to believe
So much has turned to dust
But this is where home used to be
And it was good to us
More than good to us...

This was our place in the world
When life was new and untried
When every wild dream seemed possible
It felt good to be here
It was warm inside

I have to say I'm amazed
Even though I learned long ago
Sometimes good things get thrown away
How I wish right now that it wasn't so

Those days are good and gone
Around here it's plain enough
This is where home used to be
Where we lived and loved
We were only here for awhile
Then we got drawn away
This is where home used to be
And I pray
That it'll see a better day...