Sunday, October 01, 2006


Random thoughts:

1) Republican Representative Mark Foley resigns after being caught sending sexually suggestive emails to underage guys, and the GOP tries to pretend that well, it's not that big a deal. So let me get this straight: Gay marriage is an abomination in the eyes of God, but trolling for anonymous gay sex with minors, that's okay. Or at least, it's okay if the person doing the looking is a right-wing nutjob that can be counted on to vote the way he's told to vote.

Foley claims he's not gay, but his emails reveal a guy who is, shall we say, bi-curious. Yet he has never had any problem supporting vile legislation designed to keep gays second-class citizens. I've always known you had to be stupid to support the Republican's agenda, but I didn't know you had to be utterly self-loathing to set the agenda.

2) George Bush. Ahhh, no. I don't even want to get started.

3) After dating for, what, two months or so, and marvelling over the fact that we hadn't had a fight, Tabbatha and I finally had a fight. I'm not going to get into specifics--partly for personal reasons, partly because it's just not that interesting--but it did kind of throw both of us for a loop. Obviously, it's irrational to think you're never going to fight when you're in a relationship, but things had been going so well. Everything's fine now, of course, but still...bummer.

4) One area of concern that Tabbatha has--though oddly enough, this isn't what we fought about--is that I spend too much time talking to my ex, Sue Ellen. I only mention this because the last time she and I did talk, she mentioned that Richard Thomas was going to be in a play in D.C., which led to a mention of the obscure 1970 movie Red Sky At Morning, which led to me realizing that not only had I heard of this movie, I knew who directed it.

Which is kind of depressing, because, as my brain chooses to forget bits and pieces of things its aquired over the years, as I forget actual, precious memories of things that have happened to me, why oh why can I still recall James Goldstone's credits as a director? (He also did When Time Ran Out, Rollercoaster and the pilot movie for Ironside.) Why do I even know this stuff in the first place?

5) George Bush...Nah, still don't want to talk about it.