Friday, September 29, 2006


Twelve Democrats in the senate voted to give Bush unlimited power to torture alleged terrorism suspects to his cold heart's content. Damn their wretched souls to hell forever, but even more pathetic is the reaction of the Democrats who voted against it.

According to today's New York Times, they are putting more enthusiasm into patting themselves on the back for opposing it than they actually spent fighting the damn thing. They're congratulating themselves on their courage in offering half-hearted opposition to a bill that essentially gives the president absolute, unfettered power.

Here's the thing: He won. You voted against it--so what? Beyond offering empty sound bites after the fact, what else did you do? You just sat back and let it happen. This is not a time for celebration, this is a time for despair. And you should be every bit as ashamed as the Democrats who voted for it, because at least they were honest enough to admit that they just can't get enough presidential dick in their mouths. But letting something terrible happen but trying to take the moral high road because, well, it wasn't your idea--that's a defense devised by a five-year-old whose buddies were caught shoplifting.

Or German citizens who pretend not to know what the smoke billowing from the camps signifies.