Wednesday, November 12, 2008


What can I say? It looks to be a busy week, so posting may be light around here until Monday, at least.

And isn't it presumptuous (not to say downright arrogant) to assume I have such a devoted readership (and as always, hello to both of you!...that gag never gets old) that they actually care whether I write anything in this space or not? (And seriously, could my use of parenthetical asides get any more annoying?) Man, what a self-regarding douchebag I've become.

But that's the nature of life on the Interweb, right? Given a forum to espouse our beliefs, we seem to have all taken on an unwarranted air of self-importance and...and...nah, you know what? I'm not going to go off on my usual rant. I had things I specifically wanted to say here, and I'm not going to be derailed by a windy diatribe against the technological takeover of our lives.

Because I already have a backlog of things I wanted to talk about. Believe it or not, I had nice things to say about High School Musical 3, though that seems to have faded into the aether. And what about the long thing I had planned about Sarah Palin, and how she's been getting at least as much post-election airtime as Obama, despite being both a loser and a horrible, horrible human being, and doesn't this breathless, uncritical coverage pretty much destroy the myth of a "liberal media"?

(Mark it and strike it, folks--Two whole paragraphs without parentheses! We are, sadly, unlikely to pass this way again.)

And didn't I say something yesterday to the effect of this probably turning into James Bond week? I have at least one more post about that in mind (with Indiana Jones thrown in to stretch your geek dollar further!), and hopefully I'll get that up yet this week...but clearly, this ain't it.

But in the interest of doing something Bond related (and because I can't seem to get through a post these days without turning to my close personal friend YouTube), here's the ass-kicking (or should that be arse-kicking?) opening scene from Casino Royale. It shows the genius of that movie: We're wondering what kind of Bond epic this is, since it opens without the gun barrel when it finally, unexpectedly arrives, it's a revelation. It's a great movie...why do I have such low expectations for Quantum Of Solace?