Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yesterday morning I woke up feeling not quite right, and things only got worse from there. Vomiting, dizziness and unbearable aches in every joint--in other words, the flu.

I mention this partly to explain why I'm not posting much, but also to share this complaint: This year marks the third time in my life I've gotten a flu shot, and like both previous times, I shortly thereafter became violently ill. I'm not saying flu shots are a scam, but...well, maybe I am. True, I work in a hospital, a place crawling with noxious germs. But I work there all year without catching anything, then as soon as I get the shot WHAMMO, I'm down.

Anyway, hopefully I'll be writing more soon. By "soon" I mean whenever the walls stop vibrating and spinning and I can stand eating something more than graham crackers. Soon, I hope.