Friday, January 16, 2009


Seriously: applause?

I knew The Decider's farewell address to the suckers out there would be given before an invited audience of cronies and lickspittles, but the full implication of that had somehow eluded me. I knew there'd be a parade of half-truths and outright whoppers--although I admit, one last attempt to link Iraq to 9/11 came as a surprise--but the standing O he received as he came out, and the wave of adulation when he finished...AARRGGHH!!

It had all the credibility of the enthusiasm greeting Jay Leno when he walks out in front of his pre-hyped audience every night, only Bush can't even match Leno's level of smirking mediocrity. What should have been a somber farewell to the nation was instead turned into some bizarre Shock Treatment-esque commentary on itself, Our Beloved President providing himself with the tears and clapping he otherwise would not have earned.

Lies wrapped in dishonesty--the perfect end to the Bush era.