Saturday, January 10, 2009


Uh, doesn't this seem a little, uh, well...Oh, just watch:

Yes, little boy, enjoy allowing your action figure to remain limp while your female companions play bondage games with their large-breasted fantasy toys. That's fine; whatever problems you'll encounter in your future--and there will be many--military service most assuredly won't be among them.

Seriously, this thing got on the air? Nobody thought it was kind of, you know, creepy? Unwholesome? Just plain wrong? I'd say it was a more innocent time, but this comes from the seventies--the era of porno chic, key parties and, apparently, fetish dolls for children.

On the other hand, maybe it really was simply produced and accepted as some sort of empowerment object, giving little girls heroic action figures to call their own. Maybe it really is innocent. After all, I was a kid when this commercial aired originally, and I turned out okay. no issues in my life, no sir. It's not like I go around obsessively looking for Lynda Carter clips or anything.