Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It's odd, in a way, that I have no desire to use this space to explore my feelings about the life and art of Harvey Pekar, who died yesterday at the age of 70.  Odd because I probably wouldn't be writing if I hadn't picked up an issue of American Splendor back in '84, and realized...

No.  I'll stop now.  Even though this space is relentlessly personal, even though I try to be honest about everything that passes through my life--something I learned from Pekar--I just don't feel like sharing my feelings right now.  A decent obit can be found here, and a good appreciation of the man's life and work can be found here.  Then pick up some of the American Splendor anthologies and a copy of Our Cancer Year.

And then go on and live the rest of your life, because it's what Harvey would want you to do.