Wednesday, July 07, 2010


If you've ever lived in a medium-sized town, big enough to have its own paper but which only publishes once a week, you've probably seen a headline in that very paper detailing the semi-lavish wedding of some city official or other, like the comptroller, and it's presented as if it's some big deal, like this is somebody you should know, instead of the guy whose office you walk past when you go down to pay the water bill.

You might say Jonathon Schaech is the small town comptroller of celebrities.  His only legit claim to fame is as the second lead in That Thing You Do!, a good movie that is let down by a surfeit of blandly likeable, utterly indistinguishable leads.  Basically, the only way to describe Schaech is as "The guy from That Thing You Do! that didn't have Liv Tyler as his girlfriend," and even then, the response may be, "Oh, you mean Steve Zahn?" and you'd have to say, "No, the other guy."

Anyway, the point is, Schaech got married recently, a fact that many entertainment-based websites apparently found notable enough to report.  This is the state of celebrity journalism: If you've ever been in front of a camera at any point in your life, you're somehow inherently interesting.