Friday, August 29, 2008


Yeah, I could write about the Democratic Hoo-Ha in Denver, or Vladimir Putin's surprisingly credible claim that the Russia-Georgia conflict was manipulated in the U.S. press to benefit John McCain, or even the Yankees' surprise win against the much-reviled Red Sox.

Or I could post a cheesy clip of Mamie Van Doren displaying her assets.

Van Doren briefly dated (or, as the press at the time so elegantly phrased it, "escorted") Henry Kissinger in the seventies. I had a number of cheap gags lined up and ready to go (He did to her what he did to Cambodia! He tried to show her his realpolitik! She reassured him that detente can happen to any man! He staged a coup in her Chile!), but fortunately my sense of integrity prevents me from stooping so low.