Friday, April 17, 2009


The Hollywood Reporter details the particulars of an upcoming movie called I, Frankenstein. It is being produced in association with a horror movie website and based on an upcoming comic book from the creator of the Underworld franchise, which were essentially rip-offs of Van Helsing, which was itself a joylessly bombastic and amazingly unnecessary "reimagining" of classic horror movie characters.

I, Frankenstein is, according to its creators, a "Raymond Chandler-esque monster mash where the rogues don't pack pistols, they've got claws and fangs." The Frankenstein monster is a private investigator, Dracula is a criminal kingpin, is a secret agent and...I'm sorry, am I actually typing these words? Did a bunch of adults really get together and decide this was a good idea? Is there any idea too stupid, too trite, too adolescent for Hollywood? Have movies really gotten this bad?

And is there even any point in asking?