Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hey, it's the weekend,I've got to get to work, no time for much. But I thought I'd post a link to this piece by Dave Kehr in today's New York Times just to prove that I'm not the only Vincente Minnelli obsessive out there.

And speaking of my obsessions, did anyone notice I never got around to finishing that list of Favorite Albums? Well, if I ever get back to it, here's a song from an album guaranteed a spot on the list. Performed here by the free-floating musical collective Donald Fagen and Walter Becker hire whenever they want to make some music--better known as Steely Dan--this tune originally appeared on Fagen's first solo album The Nightfly. A lengthy piece on the songwriting genius of Fagen and Becker is something else I hope will be forthcoming in the future. For now, just dig the cool jazz-rock sounds...and see if you agree Fagen has entered his Martin Landau phase.