Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Stumbled to the bathroom at 3 AM on Monday morning, when I was all of a sudden overcome by a crippling pain just below my right shoulder. It was the most intense pain I've ever felt in my entire life, and I've broken both feet.

My sister had to take me to the ER, since I couldn't drive myself. (I could barely walk, actually.) After x-rays, an EKG, a CT scan and several different attempts at giving me pain meds, they decided it wasn't anything life-threatening--no blood clotting, nothing to do with my lungs--and was most likely a displaced rib. So what would I do about it? Nothing, acording to the attending doctor. I'd just have to ride it out, but the pain should only last a day or two.

To ease the pain, they gave me Hydrocodone, which explains my absence from this space yesterday, since I was tripping big time, and not in a remotely pleasant way. I still feel like crap this morning, top tell you the truth, but hey, at least my back isn't hurting.

Usually, I'd try to make this description of things more entertaining, but hey, I'm incredibly tired and cranky. So for entertainment purposes, here's that international smash hit The Words Get Stuck In My Throat from the romantic classic War Of The Gargantuas. Weird, huh?