Thursday, May 07, 2009


Spent the night with Jessica, which was great and...yet I haven't written much about her.

Which is odd, if you're a long-time reader around here. Many times, this site has been devoted to nothing but rapturous praises or bitter denunciations of whoever the inamorata of the moment might be, and even posts having nothing whatsoever to do with my love life would be marked by references to whatever was going on in my heart and head.

(And most likely other body parts as well, but such filthy, filthy business doesn't get mentioned much. Maybe it should? Maybe if this site turned into a full time delivery system for true tales of ribaldry and debauchery, I'd actually generate some comments. Not that this ever-lengthening parenthetical aside is a blatant appeal for comments or anything, but seriously, I have no idea if anyone is even reading this thing anymore. StatCounter tells me my "project" is "full"--the potential double entendre here is so obvious, even I can't bring myself to utter it--and attempts to increase the size of the project--snicker--have been unsuccessful. Most likely, I'm just computer illiterate, but the point is, I currently have no way of tracking my stats. I could be getting mad hits like I was Rod Carew--How out of date are my pop culture references? Track back the number of years since the release of Ill Communication to find out for yourself. It's fun and educational!--and I'd never know. So if you're a long-time or short-term visitor to this site, feel free to comment. Or don't, fine, I don't care. It's not like my feelings will be hurt or anything. Sob, sob.)

So anyway...what was I saying? Oh, right: Jessica. I'm having a great time hanging out with her, and as far as I know, the feeling is mutual, but the thing is, I don't really feel much like talking about it. Better to experience than describe it, you know? Sure, when and if the whole thing falls apart (the eternal optimist, that's me), there will be many a tearful post-mortem, but until then, I'm electing to do something kinda rare in the blogging world: I intend to keep my private life private.

The point (finally!) is: If days go by without any updates here, just assume I'm out having fun. Or recovering from said fun, whichever.