Monday, September 29, 2008


You've no doubt already seen this, but a refresher just in case.

Much of the discussion of this has focused on the moment 24 seconds into this clip, when Sarah Palin, John McCain's running mate and potentially next President Of The United States, stumbles over the word "caricature".

Clearly everything she says in this interview is prescripted. When asked a follow-up question, she merely repeats what she already said, or babbles incoherently. But when she fumbles over that one word, it becomes obvious: She can't remember her lines. Somebody dealt the Manchurian Candidate the wrong card, misprogrammed the Stepford Candidate.

Yes, it certainly looks that way...but really? Palin was chosen by the Republican Machine, and as much as I despise them and everything they stand for, they know what they're doing. The questions asked were to be expected, the followups should have been anticipated. Her handlers should have run her through this scenario a thousand times before the actual interview. She should have been ready.

There's got to to be some reason behind this pitiful performance. My theory is, the Sith Lords are trying to make expectations so low, if Palin is even halfway competent during her debate with Joe Biden, the usual pundits will proclaim it a victory and momentum will be restored.

I mean, there's got to be something at work here, right? She can't be as incompetent as she seems, can she? No one would foolishly hand this person power, would they?