Thursday, September 04, 2008


Home sick from work today because...well, you probably don't want any details, so I'll just say three little words: Explosive bowel movements. So in between the projectile pooping and the intermittent napping (oh, sweet, sweet sleep!), not a whole lot of desire to write anything.

But I will note that Sarah Palin's much-hyped speech pretty much confirmed what I suggested yesterday, that she is essentially the second coming of Bush, a lightweight who says the things she's told to say by her evil overlords. (According to The New York Times, much of her speech was written out phonetically on her Teleprompter!) It's obvious the GOP is trying to ignore McCain and groom Palin as their latest Useful Idiot...and sadly, it just might work.

I also wanted to note the passing of the great animator and director Bill Melendez at the fine age of 91. He worked at the Disney studio in the forties (including time spent on Dumbo, one of my all-time favorites), then landed at Warners, where he did some astonishing work for director Bob Clampett. After time spent at UPA and the indie wilderness, he teamed up with producer Lee Mendelson to adapt Charles Schultz's seminal comic strip Peanuts for television. That first special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, is one of the finest things ever done for the small screen, aching in its melancholy, overwhelming in its joy. For this scene alone, with its understated spiritual message, simple staging and wonderful use of silence, Melendez must be considered one the greatest directors in animation history.

For me, it's back to sleepytime (I seem to be pooped out--literally--at the moment) and then an attempt to actually eat. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day, health-wise. If not, you'll get to enjoy all the unpleasant details.