Saturday, September 13, 2008


Even I'm sick of my whiny self-justification whenever I resort to a clip job here. It's always something like, "Hey, I just slept almost ten hours straight, which is odd because I barely slept five hours the previous two nights, and my whole system is out of whack and my foot is throbbing this morning but I have to go to work so there's no time to actually write anything so here's a clip."

Heh. (Koff) Um, this is one of those instances.

Anyway, let me share my affection for this 1975 7-Up commercial, which has been lodged in my brain for decades now. It was created through a mix of styles, but for the most part, it's an early attempt at computer-based animation, but unlike most of what's ground out now, this is wildly imaginative, with neon-bold colors instead of the dull literalism you see in most of today's CGI.