Tuesday, September 12, 2006


In case you're wondering how quickly America gets over a national "day of mourning," the first half hour of the Today show--which yesterday was all touchy-feely weepy-gooey for its entire length--devoted maybe three minutes to Bush's sabre-rattling 9/11 memorial speech, maybe three minutes to the (hapless) Democratic response, and three or four minutes to a toothless Matt Lauer interview with The Decider In Chief, in which it was difficult to tell which one of them seemed more like an arogant, condescending frat boy.

Then it was on to a "lifestyle" story about downloading movies onto IPods, and a heartwarming story about pandas. This in the first half hour, usually the portion of the show devoted to, um, "hard news."

I mean, honestly, if 9/11 was the day we "lost our innocence," as Matt told us yesterday, doesn't it deserve a little more than one day of remembrance?

Apparently not: "Coming up in the next half hour, the tragedy of Anna Nicole Smith.