Thursday, September 14, 2006


Sometimes you hear a song from the past, a song that you absolutely hated when it came out, but you hear it again in a different context, and you think, "Hey, that's not so bad."

Then again, sometimes you hear a song you hated and realize it was even worse than you thought. This was certainly the case when, stumbling from one radio station to another, I came across Rod Stewart's 1978 crapest Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? Man, I hated this thing at the time, from its unbelievably stupid title (Da?) to its flowery strings and disco beat arrangement and especially Stewart's arch, full-of-himself delivery...As Mary Worth once said, Sheesh!

And now, with almost thirty years (!) of godawful Stewart posturing following it, this song plays more than ever like a narcissitic relic of a narcissitic time, a snapshot from the era in which the superficial quest for immediate gratification was born, sins of the fathers that have borne fruit in the rapacious, all-we-can-get attitude of a cynical era, best represented by the Bushinistas endless grab for more and more of everything, the world and everything in it.

Okay, I realize that's a lot of weight to pile on one song, but it's a really bad song.