Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Home sick from work today, so this is another one of those posts that might not make a lot of sense. Last Thursday I felt okay at work, but kind of queasy when I got home, and I wound up crashing in bed by 7:30. I slept later than usual Friday morning, and very nearly took the day off from work, but new management has blown in like an ill wind at my house of employment, and apparently they don't take kindly to unannounced days off.

(I almost wrote, "Word on the street is, they don't take kindly to unannounced days off," because I thought it would make me sound edgier, you know, connected to the pulse of the street, like a 1970s cop show informant, a Huggy Bear or a Rooster. Oh, this is a weird tangent. Sorry...but I did warn you that this might not make sense.)

I felt better--not great, just better--by Friday night, and I thought I was feeling okay over the weekend. I even managed to consume fast food Mexican, which is not possible on a trippy stomach. But yesterday, I got home from work, sat down on the toilet and...well, if I wanted to go off on another obscure tangent, I'd mention a Chester Brown comic strip, The Man Who Couldn't Stop, which is about...the title pretty much explains it.

Anyway, I found myself making toilet runs at least twice an hour last night, and this morning it was joined by vomiting. And I hadn't even eaten anything! So, risking disapproving looks from my new boss, I called in to work, left a message and went back to bed.

Whereupon I woke, several hours later, to realize, "It's Tuesday! This is the day new DVDs are released, and I made a vow to my readers--both of them!--that I would use this day to tell them what's worth watching!"

Wow, that was a long way to go, wasn't it? Anyway, the fact of the matter is, it's not a terribly exciting day on the new release front. You can't go wrong with Universal Home Video's umpty-umpth reissue of the 1931 versions of Dracula and Frankenstein; both of these were originally released on DVD in the late nineties, and though Frankenstein is a terrific movie in every way, it's really Dracula that shows how a movie of great historical interest (but relatively little entertainment value) can nevertheless make a swell disc, as the jam-packed extras are all fascinating in and of themselves. The versions released today are allegedly upgrades in picture qualities, and have a few new extras, but I would guess if you have those earlier discs, you don't need these. (If you don't have them, well, what are you waiting for?)

Otherwise it's a slow release day. Things will get more entertaining soon, I promise. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go see if my stomach can handle food yet.