Monday, September 18, 2006


Just a quick update on my last two posts:

1) Saturday I wrote about spending the previous evening with my girlfriend, Tabbatha, and her son, Paul, and my speculation that, had they chose to stay the whole night at my place that evening, it would have felt right.

Well, Saturday night, they wound up doing just that. Obviously, with a kid present, Tabbatha and I couldn't indulge in any improper activity, and remained clothed the entire night. In fact, we spent much of the night just talking. (We do that a lot.)

Originally, Tabbatha wanted to get home early on Sunday to do some work around the house, but she and I wound up laying in bed half of the day on Sunday, occasionally sleeping, mostly talking, while Paul played games on the computer. (This is actually the reason I didn't post anything yesterday.)

What's weird is, not only does this seem awfully domestic for me--I'm ordinarily the bitter loner type--but I felt rather relaxed the whole time. And I never relax! And more impressively still, as Tabbatha pointed out, she and I haven't even gotten into a fight yet, apparently a personal milestone for both of us this far into a relationship.

So summing up, in my world, things are going great.

2) The previous day, I mentioned my skepticism regarding Republican opposition to the Chief Decider's pro-torture initiatives. Sure enough, the Republican majority has been quick to distance itself from the chief critic, Senator John McCain, while McCain himself is saying he believes there is room for "compromise" with the White House.

Expect a big ol' love fest between congress and the president, with the Republicans giving Bush all the post-coital snuggling and sweet nothings murmured into his ear he could possibly want. And expect most of the Democrats to cave at the last minute and join in, with the few Democratic dissenters just standing by, helpless, hapless and worthless.

So summing up, in the world beyond my world, things couldn't be any worse.