Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey, remember election night and the inauguration and those vague, shiny feelings of hope?

Remember thinking how great it was to have a president who wasn't a stooge to his Sith Lord second-in-command (and remember when I said I'd stop making Star Wars analogies?), who could form a coherent sentence, who seemed, dammit, presidential? Remember thinking things will be, at least a little bit, better?

But then came the cabinet stuffed with Washington insiders determined to cling to the same old ways, an economic stimulus package and a bank bailout scheme that are indistinguishable from Bush's similar efforts (and, like Bush's, presented by an administration staffer who was an active part of the problem when the whole meltdown began) and, most depressingly, a defense of Bush's use of torture.

Maybe things will turn around, maybe the new president will see the light. But for now, Obama's stated intention to turn the nation around seems like just another empty campaign promise, and all that hope, all that change has gone.