Tuesday, February 24, 2009


1) A nonsensical Larry King quote used for a title? It must be a Random Thoughts post--the greatest placeholder this side of a clip job!

2) As I believe I've mentioned, posting has been light around here because...well, just because, that's why. Partly I've had other things to do, partly I've been planning other things to do, partly I've been incredibly tired. Mostly, though, it's ennui--I'm finding I just don't care as much anymore. I've gone through these periods before, so presumably I'll be back more regularly. I may put something up tomorrow morning, but after that, it'll be dark here at least until the weekend, and probably until next week.

For both of you regular readers, this news is surely devastating.

3) Here's an interesting slip: When I first tried typing ennui, I inadvertently typed emu instead. As in, the large, flightless Australian bird. As in, also, the large, flightless birds raised on a farm not far from here, several of which escaped one night seven years ago, one of which my oldest brother Keith smacked into with the vehicle he was driving, the impact blasting him out of his seat and through the back of the minivan. There's no way to tell a story that involves running into an emu without it sounding like the setup for a joke. Unfortunately, there's no punchline--my brother was killed immediately.

4) Man, that turned depressing, didn't it?

5) Speaking of depressing, hey, how 'bout that economy, folks? Specifically, how 'bout those Republican governors threatening to refuse any money earmarked for their states as a result of Obama's stimulus program? I know if I happened to be a newly laid off worker in, oh, say Louisiana, and Gov. Bobby Jindal refused federal aid money that might help me get back to work simply because it's part of a program devised by the opposition party, I'd be calling for a special election to remove Jindal's sorry ass from office. Most likely, I wouldn't be alone.

6) Due to the fact that this site frequently offers some sort of pop culture commentary, I feel duty-bound to offer some sort of comment about Sunday night's Oscar ceremony. But really, what is there to say?

It was the first time I watched the thing in three or four years, and honestly, the only way I got through it was with the help of The AV Club's live blog, which was funny and occasionally erudite (eight minutes into the thing, they were already making Takashi Miike references), something the ceremony itself most certainly was not. It wasn't anything; not good or bad, just kind of there, existing for no reason. Oh, Steve Martin and Tina Fey were funny together (I still think Martin remains the least-appreciated Oscar host of recent years), and there was the odd spectacle of watching Hugh Jackman duetting with Beyonce (he sang live, she lip-synched) and, um...that was about it. Three and a half hours of pure tedium.

But again, The AV Club was hilarious.

7) Since it's a Random Thoughts tradition, I should finish with a mention of the cats. I had a guest over yesterday, a female--No, nothing happened. No, nothing is going to happen--and the usual pattern occurred: Monika merely ignored her, but Delmar growled and hissed.

If I ever brought a woman over and Del immediately took to her, would it be some kind of sign, would it mean I've found my true love at last? Or merely that Del found a dark soul mate of his very own, and soon the two of them would band together to gouge my eyes out?