Friday, March 06, 2009


It's Ben Murphy's birthday!

You know, Ben Murphy? Ubiquitous presence on seventies TV? Alias Smith And Jones? Gemini Man? The living definition of smarm? Ben Murphy!

Turns out, he has a website and everything. Because even though he seemed like just another blandly smug TV actor, indistinguishable from a Gil Gerard or a Mark Harmon, he cares about his fans. Because that's the Ben Murphy way. Also part of the Ben Murphy way? Wearing lots of denim.

So let's all pause for a second and remember a time, not so long ago, when the airwaves--the public airwaves, dammit, not this digital crap--were filled with time-killing mediocrities nobody in their right mind ever cared about. Somebody had to appear in these things, and if the part called for a lead who was blandly affable (or even affably bland), and if Marjoe Gortner was busy or Dennis Dugan had another gig, Ben Murphy would answer the call. Because he's Ben Murphy, and that's how he rolls.

Or rolled, back when he could still find work.