Sunday, March 15, 2009


Veterans of this site may have developed an ability to read between the lines when my postings become infrequent. Whenever I seem distracted, whenever I have other priorities, there's usually a woman involved. Is that the case now?

The short answer is, duh. The more complicated and factual answer is, I don't want to talk about it. Yeah, I know: When I'm not proclaiming the greatness of movies nobody's seen or championing obscure music or excoriating the reigning political hierarchy via overwrought Star Wars analogies, I do tend to spend a lot of time here going on about my love life, in whatever shape it finds itself.

But maybe you don't need to know that. Or maybe you don't need to know that now. There's no girlfriend; there's a person of interest. There have been marathon conversations and shared meals and embarrassing revelations. Maybe it'll all lead somewhere and maybe it won't, but in any case, there's no point in selling the wine before its time, if you get my point.

Remember when I couldn't stop going on about the awesome greatness of Tabbatha, and how wonderful our lives were going to be together? Yeah. Heh. (Though I should point out that, even though she ripped my still-beating heart from my chest and tossed it ruthlessly into the dirt--metaphorically speaking, of course--I wouldn't take back anything I wrote about her. I still think she's great, and we're still friends.) And what about that strange spring of Katie, followed by my summer of bitterness? I may not have been smitten with her, but I at least liked her well enough, and used this space to explore and express such feelings as I had. (She and I are not still friends, for what it's worth.)

So for now, I'm just trying to be...what? Cautiously optimistic? Only, since optimism isn't something I really do, perhaps it would be best to say I'm merely cautious.