Saturday, March 14, 2009


It's the weekend, which means even if I still actually wrote stuff here, I'd probably resort to some kind of clip job, because who the hell wants to wade through labored Star Wars analogies on the weekend? Let's just kick back and, you know, have fun. Or something.

Since I think I've exhausted the reservoir of Marshall Crenshaw clips available on YouTube, I decided not to run a music clip. True, a revival of Kurt Weill's The Firebrand Of Florence recently opened in New York, which gave me ideas, but for most of you, I suspect, my Weill obsession is like my Vincente Minnelli obsession: Nobody else cares.

Instead, I thought maybe I'd write a semi-brainy intro about the economic meltdown, then show that scene from the original Godzilla in which everyone's favorite lumbering metaphor trashes Tokyo's financial district. That would have been funny, right? Right? Eh, whatever. The point is, I couldn't find the clip.

So here's a zombie being shot in the head.