Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Granted, this seems like a pretty lazy post: links to other, far more interesting sites. Especially lazy given yesterday's teaser about a potential new relationship. (Which, by the way, is already on the wane. Even by my standards, this seems to be some kind of record for shortest-lived non-romance. And even though you may not want details--believe me, you really don't want to know what the sticking point was here--I'll probably eventually reveal way too much.)

I'm sorry...Damned parenthetical asides keep getting longer and longer...Anyway, a few links to things I think you should know about. Let's start with this fun Inventory item from The AV Club on TV shows that underwent drastic overhauls after they'd gone on the air. It includes not only the shows any television fanatic might expect (Dark Shadows, Newhart, even Charles In Charge), but some nice obscurities (The Joey Bishop Show!) and some surprising choices (The Daily Show, which to my mind has changed more in the last two or three years than it did in the initial Craig Kilborn-to-Jon Stewart transition). Lots of good stuff, and you'll even find some Lynda Carter clips!

Sunday's New York Times ran an extraordinarily depressing but deeply necessary article by Mark Danner on...well, just read it.

Finally, from the Trailers from Hell site co-created by Joe Dante, we have Dante himself presenting the promo he cut together for the drive-in classic Candy Stripe Nurses. Though Dante didn't actually direct that particular film, his explanation of how he assembled the trailer (which, as they say, is Not Safe For Work) kind of gives an insight into how he makes movies. Though not quite an auteur--Dante has never taken a screenwriting credit, even for obviously personal films like Matinee--he has an absolutely unmistakable voice, and even though his films bear traces of his many influences, they are entirely his own. This particular item has inspired me to go through Dante's filmography, and I suspect a longer piece will be on the way.

Which may not be that exciting for those of you who don't believe The Howling is one of the greatest movies ever, but at least it's better than hearing about my love life. Isn't it?