Sunday, March 29, 2009


I'd like to say I helped a friend move yesterday, which sounds pretty neutral, but the fact is, I helped an ex-girlfriend move, which is...some kind of violation of the Guys Code. The line of reasoning is, why do something nice for someone when you're not together anymore? Well, because I'm a nice guy, I guess...but we all know where nice guys finish.

Anyway, the point is, I'm weary to the bone and would love to stay in bed all day. Unfortunately, I have to work. Tired and short on time--around here, that can only mean one thing: Another clip job!

In this case, someone made a slide show presentation set to Neko Case's cover of the Sparks classic Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth. While we certainly appreciate all the Hot Neko photos here (I especially love her Julie London hommage), the main selling point is the song, which I love (Have I mentioned Sparks is one of my favorite bands?), and Case's performance, which is drop-dead gorgeous. Then again, she could sing anything and it would be amazing because...that voice! This song, by the way, is from her new album Middle Cyclone, which also features a cover of a Harry Nilsson song (Have I mentioned I'm a huge Harry Nilsson fan?) and a whole lot of strong originals. Oh, and it also concludes with a full half hour of frog noises because...well, why not?