Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Just a clarification about the post prior to this.

Yes, the cheap gag title (even more vulgar in its original form) and line about George Lucas' inability to "keep it up" were intentional. But honestly, that "penetrate the mainstream" line happened inadvertently. Sometimes when you're cranking out the prose, you screw the pooch, inserting something where it doesn't belong.

I didn't notice it until just now, checking it over to see how it stands up. I thought about changing it, but once a piece has been posted, I like to leave it as it originally appeared. Maybe I'm anal, and there are certainly no hard and fast rules, but I like to have a certain order here, to allow each individual piece to come across as originally written.

Sure, this means some posts burst with enthusiasm while others remain flaccid, but that's how it all comes out in the end. I realize not everything I write is golden, showering the reader with insight or releasing a load of truth. Still, I prefer each piece find its own rhythm, whether supple or rough, never being jerked off course from its true path. Not that I mean to strut around like the cock of the walk, but there is a certain pleasure to be derived from knowing that each post is what it was meant to be, with no rewriting to pull out offending passages or stuff something extraneous into every crevice.

Sometimes I post without using my head, and it goes out in the world naked, still dripping wet, for every Tom, Dick and Harry to see, and sometimes the words I use aren't the words intended. That's okay; it happens to everyone now and then. I'm sure we've all pulled the occasional boner.