Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Lately it seems every clip posted around here is fraught with irony or ladled with some imagined significance, there's been no room for a good old fashioned collection of songs I like. No cheesy seventies variety show clips, nothing explicitly tied to my childhood, just a few great tunes.

Let's start with the Beatle least often celebrated around here, George Harrison. Most of his solo stuff frankly never did much for me, but I always loved this single from '79. Yeah, the old school video is kind of silly, but at almost a minute in, you do get to see The Quiet One bust some awesome swing choir moves.

Didn't know this clip existed, and I'm thrilled to see it. From a concert in 1978, Arlo Guthrie performs Steve Goodman's American classic.

From back in the days when I used to crank out fiction by the truckload, nothing let the imagination flow like a six pack of Heineken and Ill Communication cranked full blast. Here's Root Down from my favorite Beastie Boys album.

Finally, Bernard Herrmann's magnificent overture to one of the most entertaining movies ever made. It's a crazy, mock-serious fandango that perfectly captures the spirit of the film, but is also a wonderful piece of bluster in itself. Honestly, I could fill this space daily with nothing but rants about my admiration for Herrmann, and never run out of things to say.