Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'd noticed last week that Lynda Carter was due to start a cabaret engagement yesterday in New York City--never mind how or why I noticed such a thing--and was consequently prepared to link to the inevitable review in The New York Times. As a joke, let me make clear. Honestly, I have no Lynda Carter obsession. I didn't even watch Wonder Woman. Much.

Anyway, no review. And honestly, as much as I had anything in mind to write about today, that was it. Yes, I'd planned to base an entire post around a hypothetical review of a second-rate cabaret act. And now...I got nothin'.

So I'll fall back on a clip--Wait! It's not Lynda Carter! You don't have to run. I've been on a major XTC kick lately (the band, not the drug, although if you could read the initial draft of this piece, you'd have cause to wonder), so here's an incredibly fuzzy video of Love On A Farmboy's Wages. I swear there used to be a live version of this floating around the Interweb awhile back, but this'll more than do.