Friday, October 31, 2008


In honor of Halloween, a trip to the past, a return to the endearingly cheesy seventies Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows.

And some emotions deeper and more profound than expected. This little clip highlights the popular-at-the-time Quentin's Theme, and the thing is, Mom loved this thing. She was an avid Dark Shadows fanatic (as were all her kids), but something about this music remained with her for years--decades!--after the show went off the air. She had the soundtrack album and the single, and even the sheet music. She knew the show's appeal was as pure camp, yet something about this genuinely touched her.

And the silly, spoken narration, is so easy to mock--but inevitably, some of the lines ("In this world we know/Life is here and gone") conjure such memories that I can't help but be moved. I never would have thought Dark Shadows could make me cry, but right now, for some reason, the tears won't stop.